the BOOSTERS | ACU Utrecht

the BOOSTERS & Independant Intavenshan – ACU Utrecht

the BOOSTERS & Independant Intavenshan @ ACU Utrecht
the BOOSTERS & Independant Intavenshan @ ACU Utrecht

vr 13 maart | ACU Utrecht | open: 20u | entree 5 euro

the BOOSTERS – ska like to party with a nice mixture of ska, rocksteady, reggae, funk, punk and what else comes around. Music from the heart and played with pleasure.
the BOOSTERS are an international group of musicians. Bandmembers come from Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Latvia, Cameroon.

Independent Intavenshan: are u down with the u town sound, it get no betta when intavenshan come round, rub to dub rockers inna critical style.
With: Sista F – Bass, Master P – Keys, Ozzie – Vocals, Bredda Simon – Drums, Ital Angus – Guitar, Sander, Dhr. Flim, Dhr Dekker, Jonas – Brass secshan, Rootsman on saxophone and Natty RudegirLee – backing vocals!

BEAT Ebola Benefiet festival – video

MAYFLOWERFILM Peter Steenhuis maakte een video van het BEAT Ebola Benefiet in EMG Faktors. EARTHIAN ROOTS & Scooly at Gtown present: BEAT Ebola Benefiet |29 November 2014 | EMG FAKTORS Enjoy! KOOS BUSTERS CELTJO CELL v.a ± 9.17 the BOOSTERS v.a ± 15.55 THE RISING SUN v.a ± 33.55 Mr. WALLACE v.a ± 50.12 Journeymen Soundsystem Een geslaagde avond …

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