In 1998 I started ‘4 Your Ears Only’ for doing management for Jammah Tammah. I was playing in 4 bands, making nice ska and reggae music: Jammah Tammah, Quest for Fire, Monsters from outer Ska and ZEBRA. I met and played with so many great musicians.

Today (2023) I’m playing in The Toasters since 2016 in their European tours. In Groningen, my home-base, I love to make music with my friends from Blue Fnnkateers, and many other great musicians on stage.

Bands I used to play in: 


  • Dögz – while being in Switerlan
  • Kielzog Rouge Familierevue
  • Kostersessies op Vrijdag
  • Bruce Springsteen Undercover,
  • Rolling Stones Undercover, 

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